Digital Genius

Automated eCommerce customer support.

DigitalGenius is an AI-powered eCommerce platform designed to automate customer service processes, enhance the customer experience, and reduce costs. It is built specifically for eCommerce and retail businesses with features such as AI image recognition, text recognition technology, and 60+ pre-built use cases for eCommerce. The platform integrates with eCommerce and carrier systems and comes with a built-in dashboard for analytics and reporting. It is customizable to match the brand of the business and is multi-lingual and cross-channel. DigitalGenius uses AI to automate responses to common customer queries and identifies issues proactively to provide faster response times, quicker resolutions, and improved CSAT scores. The platform is designed to handle various customer service processes, including updating courier, CRM and CMS, responding to order-related queries, and canceling orders. Many renowned companies such as G-STAR RAW®, QUIKSILVER, and SKULLCANDY have used DigitalGenius and reported impressive figures of reduced average resolution time, first reply time, and increased CSAT scores. The platform offers a fully managed implementation with support from product experts. DigitalGenius is an AI solution that learns and evolves from every interaction within the customer network to provide seamless customer experience and retain customers.

Ai Promptly

Featured on February 1, 2018



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