Text-to-voice for ads, games, learning & publishing.

DeepZen is an AI-powered voice solution tool that enables users to transform text into audio content quickly and cost-effectively. DeepZen’s groundbreaking technology uses licensed voice replicas of skilled narrators and actors to add rhythm, stress and intonation to written text. This technology is able to produce digital voice solutions for various industries such as advertising, gaming, e-learning, publishing and more. DeepZen’s AI voices are able to capture the full emotional spectrum of the human voice and can be used for audiobooks, podcasts, virtual assistants and more. The tool is ideal for publishers, authors, marketers, production companies, content creators, voice artists, game developers, educators and more. DeepZen has been recognised by the Oracle for Start-Ups program and was awarded “Most Innovative Solution” at Oracle Open World Europe in 2020.

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Featured on June 17, 2021



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