Automated document and text workflow using no code.

DeepOpinion is an all-in-one platform that enables automation professionals to build enterprise-grade AI automations for text and document processes without code. It leverages cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning models to automate text and document workflows end-to-end. DeepOpinion offers an intuitive dragging and dropping interface for quick automation even in the most complex workflows. The platform provides a growing base of pre-built automation solutions and base templates, making the integration of other applications to the platform via API easy and without additional costs. DeepOpinion also provides real-time tracking and performance dashboarding to monitor automation’s effectiveness. DeepOpinion’s proprietary auto ML engine enables any user to train custom models easily without the need for specific technical experience. The platform provides certificate training programs required to establish intelligent automation leaders across an organization, making it easier for diverse teams to take advantage of what the solution provides.The platform’s security is enterprise-grade, offering the highest standards of information security to minimize cyber risks, maintain user trust and safeguard clients’ data. DeepOpinion supports 100+ languages and has an autoscaling setup to automatically add machines and GPUs as loads increase without requiring IT intervention. Overall, DeepOpinion is a powerful tool for automation professionals looking to implement and build industry-leading AI models without code, enabling faster time-to-production, enterprise-grade security, and usage-based pricing aligned with a company’s ROI.

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Featured on January 28, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.