Finds and tags music with smart engine. is an AI-powered music search and tagging engine designed to help users unlock the value of their music catalogs. The artificial intelligence listens to millions of songs and categorizes them in minutes, providing users with the ability to deliver the right music content regardless of the use case. Cyanite’s services enable users to tag their music with 60x faster speed and 99.4% cost reduction than manual tagging.The audio-based Similarity Search feature allows users to find songs in their catalogs that sound and feel the same as a reference track. Cyanite AI compares hundreds and hundreds of acoustic features to identify perfect matches. The revolutionary Keyword Search applies a dictionary of 1,500 keywords to the user’s catalog, so they can filter, combine and weight these keywords to find best matches for sync briefs, sound branding projects, and enable their users to experience a faster and more intuitive music search. Cyanite also offers a personalized song recommendations feature that accounts for sound factors as well as personal preference, to deliver targeted song recommendations. Additionally, their data-driven graphical interfaces help listeners compare songs at a glance, and their unique Keyword Cleaning feature detects odd keyword combinations and erases tagging mistakes to boost searchability of the catalog. Finally, Cyanite is highly customizable and can fit into endless use cases and scenarios. Users can register for free to see the power of Cyanite live in action.

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Featured on August 27, 2021



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