Cuteness Score from Veeks

Score your pet's cuteness level with Veeks.

Cuteness Score from Veeks is an AI-powered tool that enables users to upload a picture of their pet and get an AI-generated ‘cuteness score’ for their pet. This score is displayed in a media box and can be shared with friends and family or on social media platforms such as ProductHunt. The tool is powered by the Veeks application available on the Apple AppStore and is easy to use. Simply upload a picture of your pet and get their cuteness score to show off to the world. The scores are determined based on the AI algorithm and users can compare their pet’s score to others. For example, Bran’s pet has a score of 175, Momo’s pet has a score of 189, Kity’s pet has a score of 123, Denzel’s pet has a score of 131, and Lucie’s pet has a score of 165.

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Featured on January 27, 2023



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