Creates attractive social media content.

CurioAI is an AI-powered website that helps users generate engaging Tweets and LinkedIn posts to boost their social media game. It simplifies complex topics for curious minds of all ages to understand and learn from. It also brings users new insights and ideas to explore by creating tweets from the mind of AI. Additionally, it unlocks new professional opportunities and connections through insightful posts created by AI. Users can sign up with Google to access the platform and get ten credits for free. Credits are used to access the features provided by CurioAI. The website offers a one-stop knowledge solution that allows users to gain deep understanding on any topic, right at their fingertips. CurioAI is not limited to informative posts only. It also provides a platform for users to experience the power of AI to create original songs in just seconds. On the website, users can purchase different credit packages, starting from 100 credits for a basic package to 1200 credits for a super saver package. Credit packages help users to access more of the website’s features. The website is continuously improved by its creator, Vishwa Gaurav, to ensure that users get the best experience. The privacy policy of CurioAI is available on the website to ensure transparency and provide assurance of privacy protection to its users.

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Featured on March 28, 2023



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