Automated creation of custom cover letters.

CoverLetterWrite is an AI-based cover letter writing tool designed to help users create personalized cover letter for job applications. The tool utilizes the user’s inputted job post and relevant experience to generate a tailored letter of motivation. The AI assistant offers personalized suggestions to craft an effective cover letter that is targeted to the company’s needs. The tool provides users with a comprehensive set of features to ensure the letter is written with precision and accuracy. It includes an AI-assisted grammar and spell checker to ensure the letter is error-free and a text editor to modify the content to make it more unique and tailored to the job post. Additionally, users are able to save and access their drafted letters for further editing and customization. With CoverLetterWrite, users are able to create a professional and personalized cover letter quickly and easily.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 17, 2022



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