Helped create social media content.

Contentelly is an AI tool designed to generate expert content for individuals looking to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. The tool utilizes trending news from around the world and converts it into posts for various social media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs, in just one click. With Contentelly, users can select from over 27 languages to create posts tailored to any audience. Contentelly aims to save time and effort required to create great content by monitoring top media resources and offering up-to-date content. Users can quickly select the relevant news, edit the text, and set the tone of voice for the post—all within the tool’s platform. The tool helps to increase productivity by saving up to 70% of the time typically spent creating posts and allows users to prepare a content plan for the week in just 30 minutes. Contentelly also offers a category search feature that regularly updates users with fresh news on broader topics such as Science, Technology, or Business, making it easier for users to stay up-to-date with industry trends. Overall, Contentelly empowers individuals to share insights, connect with others, and boost their personal brand by creating expert content in a short amount of time.

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Featured on January 25, 2023



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