Multilingual real-time news analysis and tracking.

Connexun’s News and Text Analysis API is an AI-powered tool that provides real-time multilingual news tracking and analysis. Their proprietary artificial intelligence engine, B.I.R.B.AL., has been trained using a database of over a million articles in different languages, applying state-of-the-art models of natural language processing. B.I.R.B.AL.’s technology includes machine learning classification, interlanguage clustering, news topics ranking, extraction-based summarization, and other features to filter news for different users and applications. The tool aggregates news by automatically crawling and scraping tens of thousands of open web sources, applying skills to understand the content and determine the relevant articles for the final recipient. B.I.R.B.AL. also classifies and generates extractive short summaries of news in various languages. Its technology includes supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms powered by deep learning, making it more than a simple news filtering tool. Connexun’s News and Text Analysis API offers high-quality datasets, prebuilt NLP and machine learning models, and AI as a service. Industries and applications that can benefit from this tool include real-time news tracking, AI-driven media intelligence, natural language processing, financial analysis, market research, AI and machine learning, media and web monitoring, and reputation detection. The tool provides API endpoints that allow users to access world trending news headlines and topics in real-time. Customized solutions are also available upon request. Connexun’s News and Text Analysis API provides valuable insights for businesses that require access to accurate data to stay ahead of market trends and news.

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Featured on September 16, 2020



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