Compo AI

Reusable components for efficient web development.

COMPO Search is an AI-powered tool that aims to speed up web development projects in Webflow. It is offered as a Chrome extension that can be added to the browser, and it comes with a component-driven platform that allows users to create, design, manage, and develop their web presence more efficiently. With COMPO Search, users can save time by copying and pasting components, rather than building everything from scratch. The tool’s AI technology enables users to create reusable and shareable components for custom use, clients, or the Webflow community, increasing the efficiency of collaboration and development.The tool also includes a component search feature that enables users to browse and find the required components and get inspiration from the Webflow community. COMPO Search’s component search is available for free, and users can easily save their preferences in a folder for later use.COMPO Search focuses on providing a simple and user-friendly experience for non-coders, and it aims to open up AI-powered web development to everyone. Its creators describe it as a “creative AI for everyone.”

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Featured on December 12, 2022



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.