Collider AI

Generated digital sales campaigns.

Collider AI is an AI tool that specializes in solving digital sales and is designed to generate personalized ads, web pages and email messages. The tool learns and adjusts itself to maximize sales by analyzing data patterns and predicting improvements for campaigns. The AI has been tested and proven through case studies, one of which involved selling itself through Meta ads with no copy or visuals. The AI achieved a 4.68% click-through rate in its first generation and a 9.06% click-through rate after 10 iterations. Collider AI requires just a few minutes to set up and is trained on millions of marketing examples to generate personalized campaigns that have proven to be effective in real-life scenarios.The AI tool is equipped with active improvement capabilities that allow it to analyze data 24/7, find patterns invisible to humans and predict campaign improvements. The tool has been fine-tuned to generate what works in real marketing campaigns rather than just what seems okay. The AI’s efficiency has been tested and has resulted in a 12x lower cost per result compared to the US benchmark. Collider AI is particularly useful for businesses that aim to launch a new campaign efficiently, boost underperforming campaigns or boost well-performing campaigns even further. The tool supports multiple ad channels, including Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and personalized landing pages. Early access to Collider AI can be requested by filling out a simple form.

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Featured on March 21, 2023



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