Optimized real-time sales call assistance.

Colibri.AI is a real-time conversation intelligence software that helps sales teams improve their sales calls and close more deals. The platform offers AI-triggered live cue cards, data-driven coaching, and powerful call analytics, and it can be used for legal and transcription purposes as well. Colibri enables its users to create a searchable call library, record, transcribe, analyze and organize their sales calls, and get AI meeting summaries that identify next steps, customer questions, and other key points in meetings automatically. Colibri also helps sales teams to track and analyze the topics that matter to them, offers real-time battle cards for competitor mentions, objection handling, and provides reminders and alerts to help sales reps stay on track. Additionally, Colibri offers smart checklists to help reps follow talk tracks and hold high-quality meetings with prospects. With Conversation Intelligence and Team Performance Analytics, users can get trending topics insights to understand market signals and build data-driven selling strategies, and measure key metrics related to script adherence, talk-to-listen ratio, customer sentiment, and more. Colibri also offers a native app for Zoom that helps reps access call templates, contextual battle cards, and take notes without leaving the Zoom meeting. Finally, Colibri automatically logs calls and syncs meeting notes with the sales team’s CRM.

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Featured on March 28, 2023



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