Automation of media content processing.

Cognitive Mill™ is a cognitive computing cloud platform that is specifically designed for the Media and Entertainment industry. It leverages complex algorithms to process movies, sports, shows, TV channels, user-generated content, and more with a human-like level of comprehension. Cognitive Mill™ helps automate content editing and post-production, media quality control, compliance, piracy checks, meta enrichment, scene indexing, and more. It utilizes technologies such as Probabilistic AI, Machine Perception, Cognitive Neurodynamics, and Brain-Inspired Computer Vision. It also offers ready-to-go API integration for great loads, as well as a convenient user-facing tool. Cognitive Mill™ is designed to scale across growing number of industry use cases, and can process hundreds of hours of media daily. It can help broadcasters and TV channels to deliver processed content to various channels in seconds, as well as help media producers and sports leagues reduce the manual work and automate their operations. Telecoms can leverage AI-based automation for extended OTT experience. Cognitive Mill™ has partnered with Tedial for UEFA.

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Featured on October 12, 2021



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