Assisted debugging and example searching for developers.

CodeI is an AI-powered application that helps developers find and debug code examples quickly and easily. With an intuitive user interface, developers can search for specific features by finding and implementing code snippets that do exactly what they need, saving them hours of work. CodeI is also helpful in identifying and resolving error messages, allowing developers to see clear examples of the source of the error and providing suggestions for fixing it. Additionally, CodeI can assist developers who are new to a programming language or framework by providing code examples for basic tasks, such as printing “Hello World” or creating a new object. CodeI is a one-time-payment option that offers lifetime access to the product, making it a convenient and cost-effective tool for developers. The platform also provides users with the ability to refer back to previous examples and questions to improve productivity and save time. The One Up plan offers free API keys, allowing developers to use CodeI for months without worrying about using up their own resources. Overall, CodeI is an efficient and powerful tool that can seamlessly integrate into a developer’s workflow, helping them improve their skills and productivity.

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Featured on March 25, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.