Boosts developer efficiency and coding skills.

CodeGPT is an IntelliJ IDEs plugin that provides several features to assist programmers to improve their coding skills and optimize their development process. One of its main features is the chat completions API that allows providing suggestions to developers when coding. CodeGPT contains several available commands, including CUSTOM PROMPT, FIND BUGS, ADD TESTS, REFACTOR, OPTIMIZE, and EXPLAIN that can be accessed by right-clicking on the selected block of code, and then a command to be executed. The plugin provides various APIs, including OPENAI’S OFFICIAL API, CHAT COMPLETION, CHATGPT, CHATGPT SNAPSHOT, TEXT COMPLETION, DAVINCI, CURIE, BABBAGE, and ADA. The free version of CHATGPT’s UNOFFICIAL API is also available. To use the plugin, developers need to respect the PLUGIN MARKETPLACE AGREEMENT and configure the API key under SETTINGS → TOOLS → CODEGPT.Overall, CodeGPT can be deemed as a useful tool for programmers who are interested in improving their coding skills and efficiency by providing chat completions and suggestions along with some commands to analyze, refactor, and optimize their code.

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Featured on February 23, 2023



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