Code review and bug detection software.

Codeball is an AI-powered code review tool that helps teams ship faster and with higher confidence by finding bugs in pull requests. By analysing hundreds of parameters, Codeball is able to detect potential problems in code and assign a risk score to it. Codeball is trained on millions of code contributions to accurately recognize risky code changes and alert teams. It also provides auto-approval of good pull requests, skipping code review and saving time.Codeball is easy to install with a single click using GitHub Actions, and is compatible with over 20 programming languages, including Go, TypeScript, Java, HTML, C#, Ruby, C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript, Swift, and CSS. It is also highly configurable and can be tailored to fit the needs of each team. Additionally, Codeball integrates with existing CI/CD suites and measures the DORA metrics to help teams improve their coding processes from day one.

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Featured on May 20, 2022



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