Cleanvoice AI

Removes filler words and lip-smacking from audio.

Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence tool that can be used to remove filler words (e.g. uh’s, um’s) and mouth sounds (e.g. lip-smacking) from audio recordings. It can also be used to remove stuttering and dead air from recordings. The AI is multilingual and can detect and remove filler sounds in multiple languages including German and French, as well as accents from other countries. It can also detect and remove clicking, lip-smacking and stuttering from recordings. Cleanvoice AI has a timeline export feature which allows users to export the timeline of their recordings to their editor and have Cleanvoice show what it would like to edit. This allows users to have more control and save time while editing. Cleanvoice AI also offers a free 30-minute trial with no credit card needed.

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Featured on November 14, 2022



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