Analyzed media bias and coverage across ideology.

ClarityPage is an AI tool designed to analyze how mainstream media sources divide topics over time, based on the left, center, and right leaning perspectives. It helps users to identify which topics are being covered by the different media sources, and which outlets are giving more attention to certain topics. The tool also allows users to filter topics by day and attention, and view the relative front-page attention from left, center and right leaning news sources. It also provides an aerial view of topic coverage from left vs right leaning media, and a weekly newsletter that is AI-powered to break users out of their bubble. By analyzing the topics and the attention they receive from different media sources, users can gain insight into how the media divides topics and which topics are being ignored or emphasized. This provides an objective view of the news and helps users to understand the media bias so they can make informed decisions.

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Featured on December 29, 2022



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