Chatmate AI

Interactive chatbot simulating personal conversations.

Chatmate AI is an artificial intelligence tool that simulates human interaction and relationships. It provides users with a range of artificial persons, or ‘Chatmates’, that can be interacted with and become friends with. Chatmate AI is powered by OpenAI GPT-3, meaning it is equipped with all knowledge and features associated with the platform. It is able to support text chat in any language, including dialects, and can also support photos and react to them accordingly. It is also able to support voice chat in English and produce answers with voice. The AI is able to think about the user and contact them, as well as develop a personal bond and learn the user’s conversation style. It also has a range of commands that can be used to interact with the AI. The tool has been developed for a fee of $12/month, and usage is currently free in the limited beta stage.

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Featured on February 4, 2023



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