Improved ChatGPT with better interface, useful features.

ChatKit is a UI tool that enhances the ChatGPT interface with extra features that improve the user experience. The tool provides a refined and polished interface for ChatGPT, allowing users to interact with it seamlessly. ChatKit’s additional features include a new chat feature, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, a changelog section, and a feedback section. ChatKit also offers ChatKitPremium, which gives users access to more advanced functionalities. With ChatKit, users can easily generate passwords, translate text from English to another language, act as a JavaScript console, and act as a SQL terminal. One notable aspect of ChatKit is that it stores API keys locally. Users can create API keys on OpenAI and save them on the ChatKit platform. The tool is useful for developers and businesses that leverage ChatGPT to build conversational AI applications that offer a better customer experience.

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Featured on March 2, 2023



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