ChatGPT Super

Enhanced browser extension for productivity online.

ChatGPT Super is a Chrome extension designed to improve users’ online experience by providing a range of powerful features that increase productivity and save time. The extension offers users the ability to search simultaneously on Google and ChatGPT, which allows for quick and efficient answers to questions. ChatGPT Super also has a video summarization feature that allows users to extract key points from any video, making it perfect for students, researchers, and anyone who needs to quickly review a large amount of video content. Additionally, users can access ChatGPT everywhere they go on the web, making it more convenient to use. The extension also includes a collection of prompts that users can use to start conversations with ChatGPT. These prompts are designed to spark creativity and help users explore new ideas and topics. It is important to note that ChatGPT Super is not an official OpenAI product but was built by its developers. Overall, ChatGPT Super is ideal for anyone looking to save time, increase productivity, and access the latest artificial intelligence technology.

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Featured on March 18, 2023



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