Tailors chatbot experience for specific applications.

The ChatGPT Personality Selector is a Google Chrome extension that enables users to tailor their chatbot experience by conditioning ChatGPT for specific applications. The extension provides an extensive list of personalities to choose from, allowing users to transform their chatbot into a person or tool specialized in a specific area, such as education, medicine, translation, comedy, psychic readings, startup creation, development or even a terminal like Linux or Python. The extension also offers NetEnabled ChatGPT that connects to the internet, and users can choose the Internet Search personality if they prefer to provide the search query themselves. To use the extension, users select the desired personality from the list of options and press the validation button, and the chatbot will instantly transform to perform the specific task with ease. The ChatGPT Personality Selector also allows users to activate or deactivate keyword interception from the settings menu to control how ChatGPT interacts with the content they are browsing. The latest addition to the extension is the chatgpt_extensions tool, which empowers ChatGPT to take control, build software, and even debug it for users. Users can link ChatGPT to a console, for now, Powershell on Windows, but other shells will be added soon. The extension also supports multiple languages and provides a search tool to enhance ChatGPT’s capacity to understand the world today. The full source code of the ChatGPT Personality Selector is open source under MIT license available on Github, making it an essential tool for users who want to customize their chatbot experience.

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Featured on January 21, 2023



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