Blocked website/app access by bots.

Click Allow is an AI-powered security tool designed to prevent automated bots from accessing websites or applications. It does this by requiring the user to click a button that says “Allow” before they can proceed. This simple action is enough to stop most automated bots from gaining access, as it requires human interaction. The AI component of Click Allow is used to determine whether a user is a real person or a bot, using a variety of methods such as facial recognition, IP address tracking, and other methods of identifying human users. This tool is easy to implement and is an effective way to protect websites and applications from automated bots. It is ideal for websites or applications that want to ensure that only real people can access their content, and it is also useful for sites that want to prevent large amounts of automated traffic from accessing their resources. Click Allow is an effective and efficient way to keep automated bots out and protect your website or application.

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Featured on February 6, 2023



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