Chat Bling

WhatsApp Assistant for image, text, and voice.

Chat Bling is an AI assistant specifically designed for WhatsApp. It offers a range of features such as image generation and audio transcription. The tool allows users to access a variety of information such as general knowledge, facts, and even song lyrics. The image generation feature allows users to create images of anything by sending a message with the specific item. The tool has also implemented the speech-to-text feature, where it transcribes voice messages sent on WhatsApp. There is no need for any form of signup, allowing users to begin using the tool immediately. Chat Bling is capable of providing an extensive range of knowledge, from pop culture to science. Additionally, the tool provides a powerful interview practicing feature that can level up one’s career. Chat Bling offers a free tier, and users can sign up for a Pro membership to access additional features. Pro membership provides a higher quota for questioning the tool and generating images. Chat Bling uses encryption to keep user data safe and passes messages and audio directly to OpenAI. Chat Bling does not store, read or use user data for any other purposes apart from a short time period to allow for a conversational interface. Users can cancel their Pro membership at any time and are encouraged to contact the tool by sending an email to [email protected] for any assistance.

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Featured on March 15, 2023



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