Charlie News

Platform for personalized global news.

Charlie is a personalized journalism tool that is powered by AI to provide its users with news that is relevant to their interests. Charlie is designed to save time and ensure that users are informed about the news from around the world in a healthy balanced manner. Charlie gives users easy access to news headlines from smaller, independent publishers and larger national and international websites, offering a range of perspectives on the same story. Users can choose to have a quick catch up or take a deep dive into specific topics and their importance on a global scale. Charlie uses personal data to deliver the insights promised, with user privacy being of utmost importance. The company behind Charlie is open about its progress, values, and finances and encourages feedback from users. The tool provides users with a platform that is accessible and friendly, where they can find headlines away from more formal news sites and avoid being sucked into a cycle of doomscrolling. Charlie is a valuable tool for those looking to stay informed about the news while maintaining a healthy balance in their lives.

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Featured on October 14, 2021



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