Creates virtual characters & synthetic voices for media.

Charactr is a generative AI platform and API designed to create synthetic voices, video, and interactive virtual characters. The platform allows users to integrate the generated voices and characters directly into their apps, games, websites, podcasts, audiobooks, and chatbots. The charactr API Speech module is currently available in early access and provides users with the ability to produce expressive AI-generated speech with TTS or convert existing/new voice recordings into an AI-generated voice with voice to voice conversion. The Speech module is powered by the WaveThruVec model, which transforms input text into speech. The charactr API Visual & Motion module, which is coming soon, will enable users to generate talking virtual characters in various visual styles such as photorealistic or pixel art. The characters can be easily integrated into different projects with the upcoming Visual and Motion API. The charactr platform has already proven to be a valuable tool for digital content creators who want to bring their stories to life with expressive AI voices. To get access to the charactr API, users need to submit their email for application.

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Featured on February 24, 2023



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