Recommends content for cricket, movies & OTT platforms.

Based on the given text, it can be inferred that Chandu is an AI-powered tool that provides its users with access to content related to cricket, movies and OTT (over-the-top) platforms. It is capable of interacting with users in English and possibly other languages, as indicated by the “Select Language” option. Chandu appears to be accessible through a website or portal, potentially created by, though it is not clear how exactly users can access the tool. The given text also contains a disclaimer that everything Chandu says is “AI MAGIC” and may generate falsehoods. This may suggest that the tool generates its responses through machine learning algorithms and may not always provide accurate information. Overall, Chandu seems to be a content-based AI tool that caters specifically to cricket and movie enthusiasts, with an added feature of providing access to OTT platforms. However, the lack of clear information about how to access the tool and the disclaimer regarding the accuracy of information generated by it may be potential drawbacks to its usefulness.

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Featured on March 16, 2023



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