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Celayix is an AI-powered workforce management platform that offers employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and various workforce management solutions. This tool is especially useful for large businesses in healthcare, security, retail, and other sectors looking to improve scheduling efficiency and save time and money. Celayix scheduling can help cut scheduling time effort up to 95% as it generates schedules in minutes based on employees’ availability, skills, and performance. The tool offers an automatic replacement feature for managing sick calls, no-shows, and last-minute changes, and can recover up to $2,600 per employee per year in absenteeism costs. With Celayix, businesses can easily manage employee schedules, track attendance, and find qualified replacements for sudden changes. The platform offers various integrations and resources, including blogs, case studies, infographics, and videos to provide users with all the necessary information about the tool. Celayix offers various feature packages to suit different needs and budgets, with a free trial to help users evaluate the tool before making a decision. Customers can get in touch with Celayix support through the support page or contact the company directly. Overall, businesses looking for a comprehensive workforce management software can benefit from Celayix’s AI-powered solutions.

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Featured on December 9, 2021



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