Track product KPIs and gain a comprehensive overview.

Cardinal is an AI tool designed to help product teams gain a comprehensive overview of their products. It enables sharing of key performance indicators (KPIs) across integrated systems such as analytics, revenue, marketing, operations, and more. By setting KPIs across teams and specs, product teams can maintain consistent work and be more creative and collaborative. The tool provides real-time visibility and discussion, allowing users to oversee work, KPIs, and progress across teams and projects. It helps product teams track goals, connect to various systems, automatically track, learn and visualize anything across everything, ensuring clarity across projects, and teams. With Cardinal, users can write freely and cleanly, use smart properties to work faster and more efficiently, and bring live data into specs. The tool helps product teams understand what is working and what isn’t, and compare impact areas and initiatives, not just features. Cardinal supports integrations with various data sources and services like Mixpanel, Tableau, Posthog, and more. Users can submit an integration if they don’t see their favorite integration, and join the beta to access the product. Overall, Cardinal is valuable for product owners, builders, and leadership because it helps create a data-driven approach to product development while simplifying the process of stakeholder management and prioritization.

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Featured on February 2, 2023



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