Call My Link

Real-time summarized meeting transcription portal.

Call My Link is an AI-powered meeting portal that offers a personal URL for real-time video and audio communication with anyone on the web, without requiring a host. The service does not require a Stork account to be created by callers to reach the host’s URL. The tool is ChatGPT and OpenAI-powered, which allows it to listen to conversations, transcribe them, and produce a summary for all participants. The summary is then emailed to all participants after the meeting. Call My Link is ideal for team alignment, sales, engineering, design, marketing, product management, support, HR, IT startups, healthcare, recruiting, consulting, financial, and e-commerce education use cases. The tool offers a range of features such as recordings, voice and video notes, channels, and free online screen recording. Participants receive a text summary of the conversation, along with other meeting records, and a list of all the participants. The tool primarily targets small to medium-sized businesses and individuals. The pricing options of Call My Link are not mentioned in the text. The tool is developed and maintained by Stork Tech, Inc. – a company that offers various AI-based tools and resources to businesses.

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Featured on March 16, 2023



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