Bumble prompts

Responses to Bumble prompts.

Bumble Prompts is an AI tool that generates responses to prompts on the dating app, Bumble. The tool utilizes GPT-3, an advanced language model that produces natural language responses. The user can choose from a list of prompts, such as “old dating traditions are out. My new tradition is…” and have the AI generate responses. This can save time and effort for the user who is struggling to come up with a unique answer or wants to stand out among other profiles. The tool has a Twitter account where users can engage and share their experiences with the AI-generated responses. However, it is unclear if the tool is free or requires a subscription. Additionally, it is not known how many prompts are available and how frequently the prompts are updated. Overall, Bumble Prompts is a useful AI tool for those looking to improve their Bumble profile and increase their chances of matching with potential partners.

Ai Promptly

Featured on November 24, 2022



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