Browse GPT

Convenient Q&A resource for webpages.

Browse GPT is a tool designed to help users get the information they need without ever leaving the webpage they are browsing. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate contextual answers to any question asked on a webpage. It allows users to ask questions related to the content they are currently viewing and receive relevant summaries and prompts. The tool requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function properly. One of the main advantages of Browse GPT is that it provides users with the ability to get information within the context of the webpage they are already on, eliminating the need to navigate to another window or tab. This feature can help increase productivity and save time for users who need to quickly gather information while browsing. Browse GPT was built by @vipbhavs and offers the option for users to buy a lifetime license at an early bird price. Once purchased, the buyer will receive an email with next steps. Overall, Browse GPT is a useful tool for users who wish to get quick and contextual information without having to leave the webpage they are currently browsing. Its AI-powered technology offers a convenient and efficient way for users to ask questions and receive helpful summaries and prompts related to the content they are viewing.

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Featured on April 1, 2023



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