Customizable learning platform.

Broadn is a personalized learning platform that uses generative AI to create private courses unique to each individual learning style. The platform has expertise in machine learning and natural language processing to develop products that tailor the web of content to a user’s style of learning. Broadn’s first product release, a mobile application, was followed by the AI-in-the-middle newsletter. The platform’s topical searches provide users with access to expert opinions on specific subjects in the form of conversations. The platform aims to replace self-paced, non-personalized learning with cohort-based learning, creating a personalized learning experience for users. Broadn has received positive feedback and is set to open a limited beta in Jan 2023. Broadn’s learning experience is designed to help users find what is most relevant to their learning style and ask questions tailored to their interests. The platform claims to make the learning experience more fruitful and fun than traditional methods.

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Featured on December 1, 2022



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.