Automated bidding and optimization for Google Ads.

BrightBid is an AdTech tool that offers automated bidding and optimization solutions for Google Ads. The company claims that its AI engine can boost campaign results by at least 35%. BrightBid divides its service into three easy steps: getting in touch, implementing AI, and follow-up meetings. The company offers a free audit of a user’s Google Ads account to estimate the achievable uplifts through AI. After implementing its solutions, BrightBid’s AI-based search campaigns aim to maximize results based on the user’s set strategy. Regular meetings with digital specialists allow users to track their campaign performance and main KPIs. BrightBid claims to have helped many customers, and some of their successful case studies are available on the website. The company’s team includes digital specialists, data scientists, AI experts, tech-savvy developers, and sales executives. BrightBid provides a guide to introducing human-led AI and also offers free e-books to download. The company is active on Facebook and LinkedIn-in. Overall, BrightBid is a tool that seeks to leverage AI to automate and optimize Google Ads campaigns, resulting in increased results for its customers.

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Featured on March 16, 2023




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