Hide unwanted social media comments automatically. is an AI-powered tool designed to automatically remove unwanted comments from social media pages. It provides users with the ability to hide comments containing complaints, negativity, spam, political content, profanity, and offensiveness, thereby protecting their brand on social media. The AI has been trained to detect these comments with a 96% accuracy rate, and is currently able to support Facebook and Instagram. It also has an integration with Hootsuite, allowing users to manage their social media channels with maximum efficiency. Brandfort offers a free plan, as well as a monthly subscription with the ability to cancel at any time. All payment processing is secured by Stripe, an industry leader in security certification. The team behind Brandfort is made up of experienced developers, social media experts, and risk management professionals who are dedicated to helping users grow and leverage their brand for success.

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Featured on June 7, 2022



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