Created social media communities using automation.

Bottler is an AI-powered social network application that can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from the App Store. The app provides features such as customer ratings, reviews, and screenshots for users to compare and learn about the app. Bottler uses AI technology to enhance the social networking experience by providing personalized recommendations and suggestions for users. The app’s AI technology utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior patterns, preferences, and interests to suggest relevant content, people, and groups to follow. Bottler is designed to make social networking more engaging, easier, and customized for individuals. The app combines the power of AI with social media, creating a tool that sorts and organizes information to help users navigate the cluttered social media landscape. Users can interact with one another through messages, posts, and groups, building a community that aligns with their interests.Overall, Bottler is an innovative and intelligent approach to social media that allows users to capitalize on the benefits of AI technology to enhance their social networking experience. With personalized recommendations and an intuitive interface, Bottler makes it easier for individuals to find and connect with like-minded individuals and content.

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Featured on April 2, 2023



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