A survey creation platform with a range of features.

BlockSurvey is an AI-driven survey tool that helps businesses save time and money by taking the complexity out of creating surveys in a reliable and time-efficient manner. Powered by OpenAI GPT-3, BlockSurvey eliminates the need for manual creation of survey questions, allowing users to generate questions for surveys in seconds. With no programming skills required, BlockSurvey also eliminates bias in survey creation, so you can trust that the questions you receive are tailored to your survey topic.In addition to AI-driven surveys, BlockSurvey also offers features such as confidential surveys, ranking questions, repeating survey questions, secure surveys, and white label surveys. These features, combined with BlockSurvey’s use cases such as customer churn, employee exit, product market fit, and snowball sampling surveys, make it the perfect tool for any business.BlockSurvey also offers privacy tools such as an email bounce checker, image compression, and a secure QR code generator to ensure that users’ data is kept secure. With BlockSurvey, businesses can easily create surveys without worrying about data privacy.

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Featured on July 9, 2021



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