Blockode AI Photo Studio

Made branded avatars to personalize marketing.

Blockode AI Photo Studio’s Generate Custom AI Photoshoot tool allows users to create a personalized AI photo shoot that captures their unique style. The tool prompts users to upload several selfies of themselves or another person from different angles. Then, users can create a custom prompt to prompt the AI technology to generate 100 avatars with 4K resolution. The avatars will resemble different characters like paladins, wizards, pirates, and vampires. Additionally, the tool offers 30 AI prompt assists to help users think of the perfect prompt. The tool enables custom training of an AI model, which can be expensive and requires many resources. Therefore, pricing for one studio with a custom-trained model, 100 avatars with 4K resolution, 30 AI prompt assists, and sponsorship development is available for $34.9. Blockode AI Photo Studio’s Generate Custom AI Photoshoot tool is ideal for individuals and businesses seeking an affordable and customized way to generate high-quality photos for personal branding, marketing, and creative purposes. Overall, the tool offers a unique and innovative way to capture images that align with the user’s personality and preferences.

Ai Promptly

Featured on March 21, 2023



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