Enlarge and enhance images without compromising quality.

Bigjpg is an AI-powered image enlarging tool that uses Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to upscale images without compromising on quality. It supports a wide range of images including cartoons, anime-style artworks, and regular photos. It can enlarge images up to 16x the original size and intelligently reduces noise and serration in the images. It is faster and more stable than other software and tools, like Photoshop, and provides a much higher quality result. With Bigjpg, colors are well kept, and there is almost no ‘glitter’ or doubling visible. Moreover, the resulting images have no visible noise which is a major contributor to image quality. Bigjpg also provides an API for developers to use in their applications. Bigjpg supports both free and paid plans. Free users can upload images up to 3000x3000px and 5MB in size with a maximum enlarging ratio of 4x. Paid users can upload images up to 50MB in size with a maximum enlarging ratio of 16x and have access to an independent high-performance server for faster and more stable enlarging. Additionally, paid users can use the parallel enlarging and batch mode features. Uploaded images and enlarged images are automatically deleted after 5 days and image links are encrypted to ensure user privacy.

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Featured on May 4, 2017



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