Remove or replace image backgrounds with an app.

BgSub is a web application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to quickly and accurately remove or replace image backgrounds. The process is simple and easy to use – all you need to do is upload the image you wish to edit, and BgSub will automatically detect and remove or replace the background in just five seconds. It also intelligently adjusts colors, allowing you to achieve a variety of artistic effects. Furthermore, BgSub is a privacy protection tool, meaning that it does not store any uploaded images and completely removes them from the servers after processing. It is also free and commercially available, with a maximum resolution of 200 megapixels. For more complex tasks, users can also access an API or batch processing. BgSub is a great tool for individuals, web and app developers, photographers, e-commerce sites, media outlets and marketers.

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Featured on September 1, 2022



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