Voice chat with celeb avatars for advice or casual chat.

BanterAI is a tool that offers access to simulated voice conversations with over 100 AI avatars, including famous celebrities and experts in various fields. Users can engage in chat and mobile calling with these avatars to ask for expert advice or simply to have a conversation. The tool offers unlimited access to all avatars for a yearly subscription fee of $20. BanterAI provides access to a wide range of avatars belonging to categories such as politics, business & tech, music & entertainment, TV & movies, and influencers. Some of the notable avatars include Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Taylor Swift, and Harry Potter. However, the tool acknowledges that there may be a delay of 3-5 seconds between what users say and how the avatar responds. Additionally, there may be some issues with dialogue which the developers are working to improve.To use BanterAI, users can sign up with their email address or Google account. After subscribing to the service, they can access the entire catalogue of AI avatars and engage in unlimited conversations with experts and celebrities. The tool also allows users to join a community of other BanterAI subscribers. Users should note that the subscription fee will be charged at every billing cycle until they cancel their membership.

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Featured on March 28, 2023



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