Automated meeting summarization through analysis.

Avoma is an AI Meeting Assistant that aims to make meetings more productive and efficient by automatically transcribing, summarizing, and analyzing every meeting. The tool is intended to provide actionable Conversation Intelligence, which includes different features such as AI-generated notes, speaker identification, topic detection, and keyword tracking, among others.Before the meeting, Avoma provides scheduling and agenda templates, agenda collaboration, and no-show reminders for better preparation. During the meeting, the tool offers automatic recording and transcription, live bookmarking, and collaborative note-taking. After the meeting, users can access AI-generated notes and topics, snippets, comments, and playlists for better organization and analysis.Avoma also provides features for meeting collaboration, including global transcription search and collaborative note editing, helping teams collaborate better during meetings. Additionally, the tool aims to provide Conversation and Revenue Intelligence, which includes an activity dashboard, interaction intelligence, competitor intelligence, scorecards, coaching, and deal intelligence, among others. Avoma’s integrations include conferencing, CRM, and dialer, and it caters to different solutions for sales, customer success, and remote teams. The tool is used by over 700 high-growth organizations and offers free sign-up and demo.

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Featured on February 5, 2021



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