Personalized avatars creation for online presence.

Avatarify is an AI avatar generator that helps users create personalized avatars to elevate their online presence. It is powered by a powerful hardware platform consisting of high-end graphics processing units (GPUs). The cost of the GPUs is passed on to customers through the use of cloud services, which cost $900 per month. The service offers one custom trained model and 20 HD avatars for a fee of ₹ 349. Users can upload selfies of themselves or another person with different angles, and they can select from handpicked prompts or craft their own. After uploading the photos and selecting the prompts, the Avatarify AI will create the avatars. The service also offers 4K renders at an additional cost of $0.49 per image. The company offers a privacy policy, refund and settlement policy, terms and conditions, and a FAQ page for users.

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Featured on December 20, 2022



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