Editing product images for e-commerce.

autoRetouch is an AI-powered platform for bulk-editing of product images online. It enables users to quickly and accurately apply a range of editing functions to images, including background removal, ghost mannequin, background customization, and skin retouching. autoRetouch’s suite of AI-powered tools allow users to instantly create beautiful images, with no image editing skills required. The platform also offers a range of marketplace specificiations templates, allowing users to adjust all images in seconds. autoRetouch is designed to save time and money while increasing ecommerce purchases and scaling brand exposure. Its fully automated ghost mannequin / neck-joint effect creator software enables users to bring fashion products to life and help customers see how great they look. The platform is available on desktop and is priced starting as low as €0.25 per image, with an average processing time of 5 seconds.

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Featured on July 15, 2020



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