An online audio editor for isolating vocals from songs.

AudioStrip is an online tool that uses AI and deep learning techniques to isolate or remove vocals from any song. The tool guarantees the highest quality algorithms and is free and easy to use. Users can quickly get results by simply uploading a song in the blue form provided on the website. The tool offers batch isolation of multiple songs at once, and more features are being added over time. AudioStrip caters to music producers, and artists who wish to showcase their ideas by using high-quality acapellas obtained from the original track as placeholders while waiting for official stems. The website provides a menu with options to isolate, batch, transcribe, and master songs. AudioStrip has been recommended by professionals in the music industry, including SadBois and illicit, as it facilitates expressing their creativity in ways that were not possible before. AudioStrip has a premium subscription that users can activate for free by filling up a simple form, which provides features such as higher performance, removal of bass and drums, and compatibility with multiple output formats. The website is user-friendly and provides a pause function while processing files, and it also displays error messages, which helps users to understand why their files might not have isolated as expected.

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Featured on August 29, 2021



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