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AskSumo is an AI-powered tool developed by AppSumo to connect entrepreneurs with the best deals for their businesses. Currently in beta, AskSumo provides cost-effective software alternatives by chatting with users to understand their business needs and suggesting suitable options. Customers can save big on lifetime deals for software, courses, and tools for entrepreneurs. AskSumo can help users find alternatives to popular tools like Mailchimp for creating an email list and sending newsletters, social media management tools for YouTube channels, tools for hosting webinars, and even AI writers to generate content. Users can get 10% off their first purchase by trying AskSumo today.AppSumo is a trusted platform used by over 1 million entrepreneurs with a 60-day money-back guarantee and world-class customer support. The Sumo family, including Sendfox and TidyCal, offers tools for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. In addition to AskSumo, AppSumo offers software, courses, templates, and creative resources for entrepreneurs. The platform also provides resources and articles to help users start and grow their online businesses. Customers can join AppSumo Plus for extra perks or even sell their own product on the platform. With AskSumo and the other offerings on AppSumo, entrepreneurs can find tools and resources to help them succeed in their businesses.

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Featured on March 22, 2023



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