Summarizes books and offers author insights via chat.

AskBooks is an AI-powered book summary website that enables users to gain insights from over 2,000 books and authors. Users can “talk” to the book or authors to reveal hidden insights and ask questions on their favorite books or authors. The website covers a variety of themes that include entrepreneurship and startup, expecting and parenting, finance and investing, travel and lifestyle, personalities, dating and relationship, health and fitness, cooking and recipes, religion and spirituality, as well as fiction. The website provides a search function for specific book titles or author names. Additionally, it displays a list of popular books and authors that users can interact with. For users who cannot find their favorite books, the website invites them to submit their titles along with the author’s name and ISBN. While the website uses AI to generate answers from books and authors, it cautions visitors that these responses should not be taken at face value as they may contain inaccuracies and should be considered parodies. Overall, AskBooks provides a tool for people who prefer a summary of a book or insights from an author that differs from traditional book reviews or the author’s intended message.

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Featured on March 29, 2023



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