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Built ML apps on a web platform.

Streamlit is a web-based open-source platform that allows data scientists and developers to quickly create and deploy scalable machine learning and data science applications. With Streamlit, users can easily build interactive and customizable dashboards, visualizations, and user interfaces, without the need for extensive coding experience. Streamlit offers a simple and intuitive interface that integrates readily with popular machine learning and data science libraries, such as TensorFlow or PyTorch. This makes it easy for developers and data scientists to prototype, test and deploy AI-based applications, while providing the flexibility to modify, refine and scale their creations as needed.One of the key advantages of Streamlit is its ability to rapidly generate dynamic visuals and widgets that update automatically based on user input or changes to the underlying data. This allows developers to rapidly iterate and fine-tune their applications, ensuring that they are responsive to user needs and aligned with project goals.Streamlit is hosted on the cloud, which means that there is no need for users to install any additional software or manage server infrastructure. This makes it easy for teams to collaborate and share their applications seamlessly, while offering an efficient and cost-effective way to deploy AI-powered solutions. Overall, Streamlit offers a powerful and accessible platform for building AI applications, with a focus on ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. Whether you are a developer, data scientist or a business user, Streamlit can help you unlock the potential of AI and data-driven insights.

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Featured on March 25, 2023



Create, deploy and monitor ML models on a platform.