Generates content and covers letters for writers.

Arvin is an AI writing assistant that offers advanced content generation tools. It provides a variety of ChatGPT prompt generators related to IT, music, business, coding, and data analysis. Users can act as different roles and create content accordingly, such as a cybersecurity specialist, a classical music composer, a Chief Executive Officer, or an IT architect, among others. Arvin’s AI technology generates relevant and unique content prompts that help users create high-quality content without spending much time on research. Additionally, Arvin offers an AI cover letter generator that helps users to create impressive and professional cover letters. Arvin’s Chrome extension enables users to access its content generation tools easily. Arvin’s AI technology helps users to generate ideas, saves time, and produces high-quality content, making it a useful tool for writers and content creators.

Ai Promptly

Featured on February 23, 2023



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