Business ideation and guidance.

Armchair AI is an AI tool designed to help individuals choose the right business or side hustle based on their interests, skills, experience, and goals. The tool processes large amounts of information about the user and available business opportunities and provides recommendations within minutes. Armchair AI takes into consideration an individual’s specific goals, skills, industry experience, and interests to provide personalized recommendations. By using Armchair AI, individuals can avoid pursuing the wrong idea and wasting time and effort on a project that doesn’t align with their strengths and passions. To use the tool, users are required to answer a series of questions about their goals, skills, experience, and interests. Based on the user’s answers, Armchair AI generates a list of recommended businesses and side hustles. The tool is designed to cater to individuals at different stages of entrepreneurship, from those interested in making extra cash to those looking to build a successful business. Armchair AI does not provide exact numbers and avoids marketing speak and buzzwords, making it an objective and precise tool for cataloguing AI tools.

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Featured on March 18, 2023



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